The New Year welcomes the new phoenix, the new track starts a new journey -- The construction of the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park Health and all Things Project started
1月17日,The foundation stone laying ceremony was held for the project of Biosynthesis and all things in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park,The construction of the first synthetic biology project in the Park was started,Show the park's new achievements in focusing on planning new racetracks and laying out and developing future health industries,It has also become a new milestone in the construction of Shanghai International Chemical New Materials Innovation Center (INNOGREEN Innovation Oasis)。
Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone has taken the initiative to align the national strategy with the industrial development needs of Shanghai, actively responded to the implementation of the construction and deployment of Shanghai Science and Innovation Center, and actively acted in promoting high-end leadership, laying out future industries, and accelerating the integration of innovation chain and industrial chain development, and achieved remarkable results。

Zhao Guoping, Chairman, Chief scientist and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences of Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., LTD,Yue Jianmin, co-scientist and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., LTD,Ma Jing, director of the Management Committee of Chemical Industry District,Management committee deputy director Hou Jinhua, Zhu Bin,Development company general manager Jin Jian, chief accountant Yang Yanhui,Zhou Zhihua, technical consultant of Shenghe All Things (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., LTD,Zou Tao, managing director of Zhongke Advantage,Yida Capital senior investment manager Wang Yu attended the ceremony。The event was hosted by Zhu Jian, deputy general manager of the development company。

Speeches and ceremonies

In his speech, Zhao Guoping first expressed his gratitude for the support provided by the Chemical Industry Zone in project site selection, plant design, construction preparation, supporting services and other aspects. Through customized plant solutions, the park solves the worries of enterprises and provides a high-quality development platform and conditions。Academician Zhao said that after the completion of the bio-manufacturing demonstration line of all natural products, the project will meet GMP standards, and has the significance of industrialization innovation and significant product advantages。In the near future, the company will begin to work on the global protection of intellectual property rights, worldwide marketing, market and industry cultivation, etc. In the future, with the help of strong research and development capabilities and international marketing promotion, it will strive to become the world's leading synthetic biotechnology enterprise with the integration of research, production and marketing。

Ma Jing said in his speech,The chemical industry zone takes the initiative to align with the national strategic direction,Focus on the key strategic development direction of Shanghai,Fully rely on its own good industrial foundation, professional safety and environmental protection management, improve public facilities and other advantages,Focus on new kinetic energy new track,We will promote the development of biomedicine and other industries,It focuses on the new branch of biological science such as synthetic biology。It is hoped that Shenghe All Things Company will rely on the good innovation ecosystem of "INNOGREEN Innovation Oasis" to gather a vigorous force and blow a wind of innovation, and said that the park will do its best to support various supporting work and do a good job as a catalyst and promoter of the project。

Zhao Guoping, Yue Jianmin, Ma Jing, Hou Jinhua, Zhu Bin, Jin Jian, Yang Yanhui, Zhou Zhihua, Zou Tao, Wang Yu jointly laid the foundation for the construction of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone。

Special lecture

After the ceremony, Academician Zhao Guoping delivered a lecture entitled "Synthetic Biology - Disciplinary Development to Industrial Transformation", which helped everyone have a deeper understanding of synthetic biology and benefited the audience。

The question and answer session of the lecture was in a warm atmosphere, and everyone was eager to ask questions, and Academician Zhao gave detailed and wonderful answers, which collided with infinite sparks of thinking。

The relevant partners of Shenghe all things Company, the departments of the Management committee of the chemical industry District, the members of the leadership team of the development company, the heads of departments and units of the system attended the event。