Focusing on the theme of "Green and low-carbon", the final of the 2022 "SCIP+" Green Chemistry Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully concluded, and the champions of the entrepreneurial practice group and the entrepreneurial innovation group were announced!
★ After the final competition for gold, the phosphorus runner team won the entrepreneurship and innovation group with the work of "low-cost lithium iron phosphate material preparation", and the Zhongke Guosheng team won the entrepreneurship practice group with the work of "bio-based new material industrialization"。

The competition received 27 entries from overseas teams from 13 countries, including France, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and Luxembourg。The SON SAS team from France won the overseas division。

On December 17, the final and award ceremony of the 2022 "SCIP+" Green Chemistry and Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park。Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, sent a congratulatory letter, and Fu Xiangsheng, Vice president, delivered a keynote speech on "Petrochemical Industry and carbon Neutrality"。China Chemical Society Council Party secretary, Vice chairman and Secretary general direction morning through video speech。Ma Jing, Director of the Chemical Industry District Management Committee, Xie Wenlan, Deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Hou Jinhua, Deputy director of the Chemical Industry District Management Committee, Zhu Bin, Deputy director of the Chemical Industry District Management Committee, Wang Huifeng, Vice President of East China University of Science and Technology, Li Liangjun, Vice president of Shanghai Huayi Group, Jin Jian, General manager of the Chemical Industry District Development Company, Yang Yanhui, Chief accountant of the Chemical Industry Development Company, Deputy of the Municipal Investment Promotion Service CenterDirector Zhang Wei attended the ceremony,Speech and award respectively。

Speech session

Fu to sheng read the congratulatory letter of president Li Shousheng,Proposed in a letter,Petrochemical industry as a pillar industry of the national economy,We must focus on building a modern industrial system,Build a secure and stable supply chain,Build an open and coordinated innovation system,Foster new economic momentum with high-end green chemical industry,Accelerate the high-quality development of the entire industry。It is hoped that more innovative entrepreneurs will join the "SCIP+" competition platform, with forward-looking vision and innovative thinking, and contribute smarter, cleaner and more efficient solutions to achieve the strategic goal of carbon neutrality and carbon peak。

Ma Jing pointed out in his speech that Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone actively integrates into the overall situation of development, actively layout high-end chemicals, new chemical materials and other fields, and accelerate the coordinated integration of the industrial chain and innovation chain, and the Shanghai International Chemical New Materials Innovation Center has achieved remarkable results since its formal operation。In the next stage, we will continue to increase efforts to provide policy and institutional guarantees, constantly optimize and improve the supporting service system, and create a more dynamic and high-quality innovation atmosphere for the growth of start-ups and innovation teams。The park sincerely welcomes more innovative enterprises to find development space and add infinite vitality to the high-end, green and innovative development of the chemical industry zone。

Xie Wenlan said in his speech,The Municipal Science and Technology Commission will be under the unified deployment arrangement of the municipal government,We will continue to strengthen scientific and technological support,Foster innovative enterprises in green technology,Promote the coordination between the green innovation system and green industrial policies, market mechanisms and environmental policies,Build a "fast track" of innovation research and industrial landing,To build a more attractive and competitive high-level science and innovation platform,"Shanghai Highland" for Innovation。It is hoped that the majority of young innovators and entrepreneurs will provide more feasible plans for the green development of the industry through the "SCIP+" competition platform, and contribute to accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and building a world scientific and technological power。

Direction Chen said in a video speech that since the "SCIP+" competition was held for four years, it has made positive contributions to further promoting international cooperation and exchanges in the field of chemical industry, enhancing scientific and technological innovation capability in the field of chemical industry, and promoting the green and sustainable development of chemical industry, and has won a good international, social and industry reputation。The society will continue to play the role of a bridge in the work of science and technology strategy, and work together with all parties to build the competition into a more open and shared science and technology innovation exchange platform, science and technology progress policy source base, and promote the green and sustainable development of the world chemical industry。

In his speech, Wang Huifeng proposed that East China University of Science and Technology, guided by the concept of "environment, health and safety" as the value, strives to build a new system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the chemical industry, and gradually explores a "new engineering" talent training model that meets the needs of The Times, conforms to the development of the country, and highlights the characteristics of Hualley。"SCIP+" competition builds a more smooth and efficient communication platform for young students and industries and enterprises,We will effectively promote the integration of industry, university, research and application,We will vigorously promote coordinated education between schools and enterprises,I hope that the participating teams will forge ahead and dare to create on this platform,Have the courage to solve key problems in scientific research,Open up key links in the transformation of results。

Jin Jian briefly introduced the competition schedule in his speech,It is hoped that the participating teams can build a bridge of friendship and promote development together on the competition platform,It also pointed out that in the future, it will continue to focus on the key areas, key products and core technologies of strategic emerging industries,To further promote the high-end transformation and upgrading of the park industry and high-quality development。

Awarding session

Ma Jing awarded the first prize of the entrepreneurial practice group -- Zhongke Guosheng Team

Fu Xiangsheng awarded the first prize of the entrepreneurship and innovation group - Phosphorus Runner team

Xie Wenlan won the first prize of Overseas competition -- SON SAS team "Cloud Award"

Hou Jinhua awarded the second prize of entrepreneurial practice Group

Zhu Bin awarded the second prize of the entrepreneurship and Innovation Group

Li Liangjun awarded the third prize team of the entrepreneurial practice group

Yang Yanhui awarded the third prize team of entrepreneurship and innovation group

Entrepreneurial practice group, entrepreneurial innovation group winning award, enterprise designated proposition award ceremony

"For gold" competition
The six finalists presented their works one by one in the form of online and offline respectively, explaining their innovative ideas and development space potential of their projects, and answering the on-site questions of the final judge panel。After multi-dimensional evaluation and comprehensive consideration by expert judges from leading chemical enterprises at home and abroad, well-known universities, research institutes, investment institutions and other experts, the winners of the awards of this competition are finally produced。At the same time, the first prize team of the overseas competition, SON SAS, conducted a road show online。

Zhu Jian, deputy general manager of Chemical Zone Development Company, attended the ceremony。Representatives from Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Commerce Commission, Municipal Investment Promotion Center, as well as organizers, co-organizers and cooperative units of the competition attended the event。The event was broadcasted on multiple platforms through Central Video Mobile network, Xinhua News Agency live Cloud, First Video, Baidu, Youku and other websites。

About the 2022 "SCIP+" competition
Focusing on the theme of "Green and low-carbon", the 2022 "SCIP+" Green Chemistry and Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition focuses on the four fields of clean energy, green materials, energy saving and carbon reduction and resource recycling, and is open to domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, start-ups and teams to collect innovative works and find green solutions。
The competition received a total of 325 valid entries, 133 more than the previous competition (69 more than the previous year).3%)。Among them, 27 overseas teams came from 13 countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and Luxembourg, an increase of 5 countries from the previous year。The 298 domestic teams come from 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country,Including 102 startups,From clean energy, green materials, energy saving and carbon reduction, resource recycling and other fields;196 innovation teams,They come from 69 universities and research institutes nationwide, including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University, Tianjin University, Sichuan University, Shandong University, Xiamen University, East China University of Science and Technology, Xinjiang University, and Chinese Academy of Science and Technology。The registration projects cover the four main propositions of the competition and 10 designated propositions proposed by 6 competition partners, providing more diverse and effective innovative ideas and feasible schemes for the development of green chemistry and chemical industry。
The competition always adheres to the characteristics of "combining competition events with enterprise needs and project construction",Collaborative innovation and achievement transformation will continue to be promoted after the final competition,Provide professional training and market opportunities such as infiltrating incubation training, investment matchmaking meeting, industry expert exchange meeting, and industry company matchmaking meeting for the winning team,Help the team to further deepen innovative thinking, optimize products and services, and improve the business model,Help the project landing practice。